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faq page

What is ModeSens?
Why Buy On ModeSens?
How is ModeSens different from a store?
Does ModeSens have a mobile app?
How do I invite friends?
How can I share items with my friends?
What is a Closet on ModeSens?
How do I start setting up My Closet?
How do I add an item to My Closet?
What are ModeSens Posts?
How do I upload a Post?
What is the ModeSens Browser Extension?
What browsers are supported?
In which countries is the extension available?
Which retailer websites work with ModeSens Browser Extension?
How do I save items using ModeSens Browser Extension?
How do I access the items I have saved while using ModeSens Browser Extension?
How do I uninstall ModeSens Browser Extension?
Shopping With ModeSens
How do I search for an item?
Why do I see a size type I do not recognize?
How can I determine my size?
How can I find whether or not my size is available?
Why does the image I see not match the product name or description?
Why does your price not match the retailer's current price?
How does ModeSens select retail partners?
How do I find out about promotions and coupons?
Real Time Updates
What are product updates?
How do I compare prices or set a price update?
Why is an item showing as in stock?
How can I receive a back in stock notification?
I got an alert notifying me that an item was back in stock, but when I went to check it out, it was gone. Why is that?
What are social notifications?
How do I favorite a designer?
How do I unsave an item from a List or Alerts?
Retailer Orders
How do I place an order through a ModeSens retailer?
I made a purchase while using ModeSens. What name should I expect to see on my bank statement?
What currencies are accepted?
How does ModeSens handle duties?
What should I do if my payment fails?
Why didn't my order process correctly?
Why didn't I receive an order confirmation email?
Can I make a change to an existing order?
Who do I notify if a product is incorrect or missing from my order once received?
Shopping Assistant Service
What is Shopping Assistant Service?
How does Shopping Assistant Service work?
What are estimated total and actual total?
How do I place an order with Shopping Assistant Service?
I made a purchase through Shopping Assistant Service. What name should I expect to see on my bank statement?
What currencies are accepted?
How does ModeSens handle duties?
How do I check the status of my order?
Can I make a change to an existing order?
How can I get help with my order?
Why did I receive a payment verification email?
How do I return an item?
I returned an item. When will I receive my credit?
Does ModeSens have a shipping policy?
How do I track my order?
How do I cancel my order?
What do I do if I want to change my shipping preference once I've already placed an order?
Who do I contact if I do not receive my order?
What is the ModeSens return policy?
I want to return an item. How do I do that?
I would like a refund. What should I do?
Who do I contact if my order is damaged?
What do I do if I cannot get a response from a retailer's customer care team?
How can I reset my password?
How do I update my privacy settings?
How do I disable my ModeSens account?
I need to update the email address on my account. What should I do?
How can I unsubscribe from ModeSens emails?

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A world of fashion, powered by technology. ModeSens pulls from the racks of 47,972 luxury brands, aggregating every product at the item level for a seamless, transparent and secure shopping experience

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