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ModeSens Influencer Program

ModeSens is excited to work with you. The ModeSens Influencer Program helps content creators, personal shoppers and stylists generate income through our dedicated influencer-exclusive benefits.

Influencer-Exclusive Benefits

  • With shipping to more than 35 countries (that’s 78% more than our competitors), you can connect better with your followers—no matter where they live—by providing them with shopping links that are relevant to them!

  • One-of-a-kind opportunities. From engaging in content collaborations with our luxury brand partners, to being featured in ModeSens emails and social channels – and even appearing in coveted placements on the ModeSens homepage (yes, the homepage!), this exposure is invaluable and rare.

  • Dynamic Commission Platform. ModeSens partners with over 500 retail merchants, who each offer different commission rates—varying from 5% to 25%. As a ModeSens Influencer, you have access to a variety of earning potential. (You’re not just limited to one fixed rate!)

  • A dedicated Account Manager to help you manage your ModeSens account. This means direct access to the ModeSens team who will answer all your questions and get you the help you need when you need it.

  • Seamless analytic tracking across all platforms — by knowing what your users like, you can make informed decisions to develop content that helps you stay connected with your followers.

  • Generous referral compensation. Have a fellow creative friend? Refer them to apply to become a ModeSens Influencer. If they are enrolled, you can earn 15% of the total commission they generated…for their first year!

Oh, and one more thing…
the chance to have your own unique landing page!

Serving much like a digital, shoppable closet, your followers will know exactly what you’re wearing and how to get it, making your content even more valuable and helpful. Influencers can provide their existing followers access to this digital closet by including a link in their social bios or individual posts. Additionally, each ModeSens Influencer’s digital closet lives in the Community on the ModeSens website, giving it unique access to the more than 3 million shoppers who visit ModeSens each month.


Becoming a ModeSens Influencer is easy! Click the button below to fill out our simple online application. Your application will be reviewed by the ModeSens Influencer Account Manager.